Preparing for the Unexpected:
Are You Ready for an Audit?


PACE organizations face numerous challenges on a daily basis, all while trying to
provide high quality and meaningful care. This is why it is vital that they fully understand and prepare for all the factors that can affect an unexpected CMS audit of their PACE program. 

This valuable white paper will highlight important areas that your PACE organization should consider when preparing for the CMS audit in order to maintain clarity, organizational efficiency and successful cost management. Some of the information in this white paper includes details on: 

  • Understanding your overall drug expense
  • The hidden dangers of P2P reconciliation 
  • Managing drug payment guidelines
  • Ways to save money and more!
Download Preparing for the Unexpected: Are You Ready for an Audit? to gain insight on how you can prepare your organization against unexpected CMS audits and sustain the health management of your participants and program's financial health.